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  • Microsoft Office 2016 Download free: to load any MS Office

    Who wants to install Microsoft Office, needs the original data by Microsoft. But much like Windows ISO files for installation only on detours or not on the Microsoft page are available. The small tool Windows ISO Downloader loads each Microsoft Office free of charge.

    office 2016 professional plus

    Office 2016 Download

    Microsoft Office install is easy if you have an installation disc or the setup data as a download. Hard to believe, but true, these installation files for Microsoft Office is tricky on the Microsoft Web site. Usually you end up finally at a trial subscription Office 365, office 2016 professional plus product key, while you wanted to download but only the ISO files for a particular version of Office. In addition, Microsoft pushes only the latest version of the Office, who would like to use more Office 2010, has bad luck. But the searching is now: A brilliant freeware solves the problem and load any version of Office in the original free directly from Microsoft.

    Office Professional Plus 2016 Activation key

    Can you not get confused, only Windows ISO Downloader is the shortened name of the tool, the full name is "Windows and Office ISO Downloader". You can download so that each version of Microsoft Office 2007. The operation is very simple. In the menu on the right, select the version of Office that you want to load. Available options are Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Depending on the selection, the procedure in the main window differs: for Office 2007 and 2010 you must select only the exact version and then the language. cheap windows 7 product key, The tool produces two download links, one for 32-bit and one for the 64-bit version of Office. The download via direct links works for Office 2013 and 2016. You must look only after the appropriate language version.

    Free office 2016 to share:

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  • Windows 7 market share fell below 50%, Windows XP share was less than 10%

    According to market research firm Net Applications released new survey data show, April 2016 Windows in the desktop operating system market share worldwide for the first time to below 90%. Published 9 months later, windows 10 product key purchase, Windows 10 market shares than in March rose 0.2%, at 14.35%. Meanwhile, Windows 7 market share was below 50%, but Windows XP's market share is less than 10% (9.66%).

    Windows 7 market share

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    In addition, Windows 8 market share growth from 0.5% to 2.95%, windows 7 product key, whereas Windows 8.1 fell 0.4% to 9.16%. By the end of April, Windows 8.x shares to 12.11%.

    In the recently released Windows at 10 o'clock, Microsoft says their goal is to "2-3" 1 billion device installed Windows 10. Windows 10 4 weeks before the launch, installed capacity of more than 75 million, 10 weeks before the more than 110 million units, the first 6 months of more than 200 million, windows 7 pro product key, more than 270 million 8 months before. In the past month, Windows 10 growth rate has slowed markedly. Last June, breaking through Windows 7 market share 60%, and now that its market share had fallen to 48.79%.

    windows 7 product key

    Overall, April Windows market share declined from 1.22% to 89.23%. Mac OS X system market share rose from 1.43% to 9.2% on the other hand, buy windows 10 product key, while Linux fell 0.22% to 1.56%.

  • Lock screen button of the camera coming Windows 10 Mobile RedStone

    The WP 8.1 times as early as 2013, there will be voices urging Microsoft joining the camera shortcut in lock screen opens, rather than following the completion of the unlock and then open the camera app. Windows 10 Home Activation key, Exposure Windows version 10 Mobile RedStone recently added this feature, allows users to lock screen to quickly trigger the camera app.

    Windows 10 Home Product key

    Windows 10 Mobile RedStone

    Screenshot from the exposure to see this feature are not customizable, but RedStone may bring some changes in the final version. For those who have a physical camera button for users who may not need this button, windows 10 pro product key, but the button adds the ability to help many devices without independent physical camera button.

    Windows 10 Home Activation key

  • McAfee exposes cracked iPhone 5S Guide

    According to foreign media reports, the antivirus software McAfee founder John McAfee claims that anyone with the appropriate computer technology in "half an hour" to unlock the iPhone, and in the TV show, despite "losing their jobs" risk, a step by step on how to unlock a iPhone.

    McAfee 2016 Total Protection

    Popular John McAfee popular security experts via live television to humiliate the FBI because the FBI says there is no help from Apple, they cannot unlock a criminal iPhone 5s. John McAfee believes that unlock the iPhone but only need one software and hardware engineers, they know how to operate the computer, will be able to unlock the iPhone.

    McAfee said, "I may be the world's hacker community wiped out", but he is still talking about how to step into a iPhone handset.

    McAfee 2016 Total Protection Unlimited Devices Product Key

    McAfee version--"how black iPhone Guide":

    1, needed a hardware and a software engineer.

    2 iPhone, hardware engineers are responsible for dismantling, and then copy the instruction sets, including iOS, various applications and memory.

    3, software engineers run the disassembler allow these instructions to be read.

    4, software engineer by reading instructions, find the first cell phone keyboard entry, if you want to type in your keyboard commands, it is necessary to do so.

    5, when you find the phone's keypad entry, secret codes can be found in used record stores.

    6, the total "half an hour".

    mcafee internet security 2016 product key

    John McAfee Releases cracked iPhone Guide, because he said last month, and team members can unlock the perpetrators within 3 weeks of the iPhone, McAfee 2016 Total Protection, if not live to eat shoes.

    Results for now, many tech websites and experts have refuted, and cynical McAfee through Twitter said "John McAfee, he did not know how the iPhone is running! "" John McAfee is ready to eat shoes. "

  • Microsoft confirmed it would redesign the Windows 10 Explorer

    Compared to other Microsoft Windows Resource Manager 10 (File Explorer) changes seem to be more conservative, still maintaining the inherent operation and interface structure. However, windows 7 pro product key, according to the latest news, Microsoft teams have confirmed that we are creating a fully updated version of Explorer, windows 7 activation key, but did not reveal specific plans and details, news publishers to Windows's core user experience project manager Peter Skillman, very reliable. Media reasonably speculate that the redesigned Explorer or Windows 10 Redstone major debut in an updated version, or label touch and we should support it.

    Windows 10 Pro


    Although Microsoft did not disclose any details, but on the advice of Windows user top 10 user feedback to provide tags support for Explorer and increase support for touch devices. Labels feature will allow the user to an Explorer window by label to multiple directories for file operation, do not interfere. It is considered by many third-party file manager has the convenience features introduced in.

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    In addition, for plate and two in one touch screen devices, windows 7 product key
    , the current Win10 Explorer is still a pointer manipulation logic-oriented, with a touch-screen device proliferation and Windows 10 the concept of a unified experience across devices, support for touch operation should be the improvement of Microsoft's top priorities.

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