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Windows 7 market share fell below 50%, Windows XP share was less than 10%

According to market research firm Net Applications released new survey data show, April 2016 Windows in the desktop operating system market share worldwide for the first time to below 90%. Published 9 months later, windows 10 product key purchase, Windows 10 market shares than in March rose 0.2%, at 14.35%. Meanwhile, Windows 7 market share was below 50%, but Windows XP's market share is less than 10% (9.66%).

Windows 7 market share

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In addition, Windows 8 market share growth from 0.5% to 2.95%, windows 7 product key, whereas Windows 8.1 fell 0.4% to 9.16%. By the end of April, Windows 8.x shares to 12.11%.

In the recently released Windows at 10 o'clock, Microsoft says their goal is to "2-3" 1 billion device installed Windows 10. Windows 10 4 weeks before the launch, installed capacity of more than 75 million, 10 weeks before the more than 110 million units, the first 6 months of more than 200 million, windows 7 pro product key, more than 270 million 8 months before. In the past month, Windows 10 growth rate has slowed markedly. Last June, breaking through Windows 7 market share 60%, and now that its market share had fallen to 48.79%.

windows 7 product key

Overall, April Windows market share declined from 1.22% to 89.23%. Mac OS X system market share rose from 1.43% to 9.2% on the other hand, buy windows 10 product key, while Linux fell 0.22% to 1.56%.

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